You know you have inground pool liner problems when your pool liner is bulging and pulling away from the wall or when you see wrinkles in the pool liner wall or the bottom of your pool.  This has to do with ground water problems and drainage issues around your inground pool. 

Here in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area where we are close to the beach and we live pretty much at sea level, the water table is very high. When we get added water to the water table through rain the ground becomes saturated.  When you have an inground pool with a vinyl liner that extra water pressure pushes through the walls of your pool and dislocates the liner causing wrinkles and a pool liner that floats. Once the water subsides, the liner will go back into place, however this is when wrinkles can form.  If the liner is old enough it could also tear.

The solution is a installing a dewatering system around the pool.  This drainage system suctions the water out from behind the pool liner so that it cannot collect and put pressure on the liner.

The system we use is called the Drainflow system by Alameda.  It can be installed on existing pools or on new construction and will stop wrinkles from appearing, prevent your liner from shinking and tearing and will diminsh wall corrosion.

How it works:  The DrainFlow System directs water from behind the liner into a drum and can be installed with or without a pump.  This prevents unwanted water in your pool and controls hydrostatic presure from floating your liner and reduces pool bottom damage by removing excess water that sits below your liner.

Fixing Wrinkles and Floating Pool Liners

Stop your inground swimming pool liner from ever floating again! 

Stop wrinkles in their place!

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